World traveler and explorer invests the money he saves with casino bonus into his T-Shirt business

Toby Henderson recently enjoyed a trip to Uzbekistan and after coming back he wrote on his blog that the presence of the Mughal Emperors can still be felt in the air of Samarkand and Tashkent.

Toby has traveled to each and every Arabic country by now and he claims that the Yemenese Arab men are stricter with their women than Arab men in any other nation.

Having traveled to 60 different countries, Toby has come to the conclusion that the religious parents don’t trust their kids as easily as their apatheist, agnostic, atheist or pantheist counterparts. Toby says that it is amusing how someone who doesn’t trust his/her own DNA, can have faith on an entity that has never been seen or touched.

Toby loves to watch movies all the time and his favorite movie of all time is the movie Blow (2001) in which Johnny Depp played the character of the protagonist – George Jung. Toby’s all-time favorite movie character is Ernie played by Arnaldo Santana in one of the most popular crime movies ever – Scarface. Toby has grown up a mustache like Ernie in Scarface and his body language has automatically become like his as well.

Toby loves to gamble, both online and offline. Toby can always be found looking for casino bonus and he claims that he has made more money gambling than he has lost and that’s one of the main reasons why nothing is more fun to him than gambling, not even watching movies.

Toby recently started a new business where he imports T-Shirts from a city called Tiruppur located in the state of Tamil Nadu in India and sells it on eBay. Toby says that these T-shirts cost anywhere between USD 1.5 to 12 and can be sold for over ten times the price.

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