60 yr old businessman bets on Domino 99 to wipe away his brain fog

Gina Medlock is a fashion designer who claims that most modern fashion designers are lazy-ass idiots who don’t go on a treasure hunt like the fashion designers of the 70s, 80s and 90s used to.Gina is 39 and she still bikini-models. Gina’s brother – Wesley is a fashion photographer and videographer with the main focus on Bikini photography. Wesley has been making a full-time living with the Youtube for the past few years and Gina doesn’t feel shy to model in his videos.

Gina’s husband – Stefan is a businessman. He is 21 years older than Gina, which means he is 60 right now. Stefan hasn’t been able to take care of his computer addiction for the past 3 decades. He was addicted to the computers even before the internet became public and after he got an internet connection, his addiction only got worst

Stefan currently owns 2 companies, one of his companies supplies electrical and SMC products like SMC Junction Boxes, SMC Meter Boxes, SMC Distribution Boxes, SMC MCB Distribution Boards, SMC Moulded Service Connection Boards and FRP V Type Arms and another company of Stefan is involved in manufacturing LED Planters and LED Road Dividers.

Stefan’s mother was a celibate nun until she met Stefan’s father at a grocery store. It was the love on first sight and after seeing’s Stefan’s father, Stefan’s mother couldn’t resist herself from breaking her vow of celibacy and ended up marrying him. After the marriage, they had nine children together (6 daughters and 3 sons). Stefan is the eldest son and the fourth eldest child in the family. All of Stefan’s siblings are still alive and well along with their parents.

Stefan has been undergoing this strange condition for the past few years, he doesn’t find exercising to be exhaustive but he feels brain fog all day long after working out. He claims that he bets on a domino 99 website and the condition runs away. Gina says that he has been making up an excuse to find a way to bet worry-free.

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