Accountant eases her pain by betting on LSM99

Olga Apibal started an online blog of her own about 3 years ago, she followed all the blog tips which she considered trustworthy and right but still her blog failed and she finally shut it down in the December of 2018 because Olga had started to consider that blog unlucky for herself and she didn’t want to start 2019 with the shadow of that blog.

Olga is an accountant by profession, she spent 5 years after getting an accounting job to study her passion – Astrogeology.

Olga loves to study history as well and after reading over 500 books on history, she has come to the conclusion that while historians can be somewhat trusted on their words, the chronologists cannot be trusted at all about most of the events.

Olga owns a hamster that has won over 6 cutest pet contests and this hamster is the only thing that she loves more than her own life. Olga cries all the time thinking about the day when this hamster will pass away and to ease her pain a bit, she starts betting on LSM99 until she wins a couple of bets.

Olga’s husband – Qiang owns a homeware store popular for its blankets. This store was established over 60 years ago and Qiang is the second owner of the same. The previous owner had got too old to keep operating the store and he didn’t have any progeny. Finally, he decided to sell his store and retire to Bangkok forever where he can enjoy Thai massage by a new beauty each night and die peacefully.

Qiang says that if you launch a new product, be it a housing society, electronic gadget, homeware, car or anything, ask a ‘Baniya’ of India if he will ever buy the same. Qiang believes that Baniya (Vaishya) people of India are the smartest buyers and the product shouldn’t be considered a VFM product until and unless a Baniya approves the same.

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