Wealthy factory owner and veteran journalist relives his Macau days with Klasemen Liga 1

Ian Fedele is a wealthy factory owner who seldom talks without any purpose, his wife – Brooklyn loves him for this and she is also likes to stay silent as much as possible. Brooklyn is an eBay super-seller that imports cheap and specialized stuff from India and China and sells the same on eBay.

Ian lived in the Eurasian Steppe for 3 years when he used to be a journalist and he really found the body language of the Eurasian people to be funny and magnificent at the same time.

Ian claims that all the Eurasian dictators and major politicians are puppets of Russia and United States of America that are responsible for keeping the Eurasian Steppe an ignored and poverty stricken part of the world. Ian claims that having lived in Eurasia for 3 years, Ian observed which many people fail to and those who do, don’t speak about it too often and that is that the Eurasian people are extremely diligent, hard-working and intelligent people and when given a chance, they can prove to be far superior to most races of the world.

Ian remembers meeting an exceptionally hard-working woman in Karakol, Kyrgyzstan, who would buy old books from the scrap dealers and sell the same on her own website and on eBay. She made more money than 70% of the working people in Karakol.

Ian is not a Muslim but he recently donated a lot of money for the construction of an Islamic Mosque.

Ian says that the most relieving time for him is when he relives the good old days of his late teenage years and early 20s. He used to play a lot of GTA games in his teenage years and to relive the same, he recently enjoyed a trip to the New York city where he visited Times Square, Central Park, the Empire State Building and Yankee Stadium to feel like he was in real life GTA Liberty City.

Ian used to visit casinos all the time when he was in his early 20s as he was put in Macau by his News channel to cover the news from there and last week, when Ian wanted to relive those days so badly, he didn’t bother to visit a casino but instead bet online on Klasemen Liga 1 non-stop for 26 hours without sleep.

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