Wealthy matchmaker rides in a Lexus LS and bets on that SCR888

Earl White is a wealthy matchmaker, always dressed in white clothes and black boots, chauffeur driver in a Lexus LS 500, Earl is also a 30% owner in one of the largest sunscreen manufacturing company in his small Island nation of Malta and Gozo, Earl just not has the right to make decisions in the same company.

Earl lived in Malaysia, India and in different countries of the African continent for a long while and he has loads of things to say about all these nations and he does the same on Twitter and his blog. Earl is not ashamed to admit that he is addicted to betting on a Malaysian gambling website that goes by the name scr888 and he is also not ashamed to admit that he had several rendezvous with the exotic beauties in the Indian subcontinent, Malaysia and Africa.

Earl claims that everything is for sale on the African continent and the Indian subcontinent but someone needs to find someone who can sell intelligence and smarts to the people of these 2 major regions of the world. Earl says that he is shocked to see that the common people of these 2 regions are so stupid and he says that he is not a racist but has sympathy with the people of these 2 major regions.

Earl noticed that some students of the Indian and Pakistani schools are so poor that they can’t afford the winterwear that they sell in schools there with their holograms and just because they wear the regular sweaters or other winterwear in school, they get persecuted in the school.

Earl also mentioned in one of her blog posts that although the literacy rate in India may be higher than in Pakistan but the stupidity and narrow-mindedness prevails more in India than in Pakistan in the current times and India and Indians need to do something about it before it gets too late.

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