She is an empath, she is a conspiracy theorist, a real rare-breed that believes in casinos

Jade Abramova is a freelance strategist and operations consultant at a major corporation. Jade claims that she is an empath, she claims that one nerve on the right side of her brain starts to ache around some peculiar people that are envious of her and want to do her bad.

Jade owns 2 cars currently, one BMW X5 and a Nissan Versa. Jade owns a couple of dogs and although she claims that she loves her dogs more than her own life, she never travels with them in her BMW X5, only her Nissan Versa.

Jade believes that for some, difficult problems are easier to solve but these people are a rare breed, examples of such people including Henry Ford, Nicola Tesla, Andrew Carnegie, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs. Jade claims that she is also one of these but she hasn’t got a chance yet to prove herself.

Jade claims that she knows about a group of Greek astronomers that is working on something big and important but secretly so and she regularly chats with one of those on a Casinoforum.

Jade also claims that she has the secret information that Li Shufu of China has got so much overconfident with his recent business successes that he is now planning to get into manufacturing Fighter Jets.

Jade has a strange belief that the River of San Maguel in El Salvador was cursed by the god himself that the creatures living by that river will never be happy.

One co-worker recently hacked Jade’s Facebook account just because she called him Malaka (Wanker) because he doesn’t have a girlfriend or a wife

Jade doesn’t like to speak much and she believes that a conversation is completely useless unless if you don’t learn anything out of it or it doesn’t serve any other important purpose(s).

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