There is no such thing as true democracy but thank god that honest casino websites still exist

Geeta Budhraja is a daughter of engineer parents from India. Geeta was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. Geeta wonders all the time the reason why engineers eat too little. Geeta says that each and every engineer that she ever came across eats very little.

Like most Indians, Geeta’s parents come from a very poor financial background in India. They tell Geeta how the poor of India have a habit of threatening all the time. Geeta says that her parents also told her that although the poor of India keep threatening the others all the time, although when it comes to taking an action, they fail to do anything.

Geeta is an amateur political thinker and analyst as well. Geeta says that democratic political parties around the world shouldn’t have the right to any sort of confidentiality whether it be related to party funds or anything. Geeta doesn’t believe that true democracy exists anywhere in the world, including in Sweden, Denmark or Norway, Geeta says that it is a myth created in order to hide the reality that there is no such thing as democracy. Geeta believes that the people that run the world are so smart, they deliberately chose Scandinavian countries to pretend that a thing like true democracy can really exist and already exists just because this region of the world is one of the least populated and there are not much people that can reject their claim. Geeta says that two more reasons why they chose Scandinavia for their claim are that, the people of this region don’t have English as their native language and they are some of the richest people on earth. Geeta believes that like a lion, the truth will defend itself and the reality about the so-called true democracy of Scandinavia will soon come in the front of the people’s eyes.

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