Employee of the year bought a Subaru WRX with Togel Singapura money

Mark Duggal is a UI technical leader at a major online clothing store. Mark is the only one in his company to score employee of the year award twice. Mark is an automobile and gambling freak as well and he has two blogs dedicated to each.

Mark says that he has always been unlucky with almost everything in life but he has always had an extremely good luck with betting on Togel Singapura. Mark says that the Subaru WRX that he recently bought, he bought with the money he won with Togel Singapura.

Mark says that it is funny how they used to buy sedans and coupes all the had many children in the family and some even lived in joint families and now when they don’t have many children, some don’t have at all and the rest are single, they like to drive SUVs.

Mark says that it is unfair to compare Mercedes S-Class with BMW Series or Jaguar XJ as Mercedes S-Class is far superior than the rest 2 but Mercedes E-Class can definitely be compared with BMW 5-Series or Jaguar XF and even Volvo S90.

Mark claims that he has done an extensive study on which cars are liked by people belonging to which profession. Mark says that he has concluded that the Psychologists prefer BMWs, Psychiatrists prefer Mercedes but the General Practitioners and Surgeons love Lexus.

Mark constantly accuses the most popular car Youtuber of April, 2019 – Scotty Kilmer, of being a Toyota agent. Mark claims that Scotty Kilmer is against the cars with keyless entry because Toyota is against it as well.

Mark says that Nissans are either best looking or the worst looking in their segment usually and sometimes even the most awkward looking as well – the most obvious example that comes to the mind in this case is that of the Nissan Juke. Mark says that the biggest USP of the Nissan cars is their looks only and that’s why Mark prefers Nissan over any other Japanese car-maker.

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