Football freak successful entrepreneur learnt more with Restbet than his business, parents and football combined

Womesh Das owns a company that manufactures Industrial Dryers, Mixers, Blenders, Evaporators, Agitators & Reactors, Storage Tanks & Vessels and Heat Exchangers

Womesh believes that ethics, quality and sustainability are the three most important pillars for any business.

Womesh also believes that ambitious men and women are bound to be temperamental but the ones that really achieve something are the ones that successfully learn the art of transforming their temperament into creativity.

Womesh claims that some of his class fellows that were very dull students in the school have turned to be extremely successful entrepreneurs just because they learnt this art of transforming temperament into creativity. He says that most of them made it big in the arenas that require you to be extremely intelligent.

Womesh started his entrepreneurial career with a Volvo fan forum, blog and marketplace and from there in a very dramatic way, he ended up entering the industry that he is currently a part of.

Womesh believes that Volvo started its journey to death when it decided that they will have manufacturing plants in the Republic of China.

Womesh has a very strange belief which has nothing to do with the business that he is involved in or anything else that he is involved in and the belief is that the germs also have platonic relationships with the opposite sex.

Womesh believes that it is very hard to find a true teacher in today’s selfish times but you can definitely find one if you try hard enough and stay on the path of finding one until you succeed. For Womesh, his greatest teacher has been online gambling. Womesh loves to play football since he was in the school and he always used to say that the game of football has given him more than his parents ever could but now he is always found saying that the game of Restbet has given him more than anything else ever could.

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