Samantha Walia firmly believes that the aliens are far more superior to the human beings just like Safirbet is far more superior to any other gambling game

Samantha Walia is a fashion designer who believes that designer clothes shouldn’t cost a fortune. Samantha has been trying her best to make designer clothes ‘GAP Cheap’.

Samantha’s grandfather was a captain of a ship.

Having lived in India for over 6 years, Samantha has come to the conclusion that disparity is everywhere in India and for everyone – customers, shop owners, small business owners.

Samantha says it is funny how a great percentage of Indians still believe in the ancient or prehistoric superstitions like if once someone is bitten by a serpent, they become extremely selfish and mean like a serpent. A great percentage of Indians still believe that standing on a pillow voluntarily or by mistake causes migraine alike; many Indians still believe that clipping nails inside the house makes you and your family financially indebted and cutting hair on certain days of the week, namely – Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday does the same as well.

Samantha learnt Hindi language while living in India and although she is not yet fluent in the language, she recently wrote a song in Hindi, here is an excerpt from the same:-

“Kharghar ka Jaanwar,

Udaipur se Jodhpur,

Nanha-Munha Jaankar,

Naa kar Gaban,

Main Karun Srajan,

Tu Kar Bhajan,

Jan Gan Man,

Meri hai tujhse Anban”

Samantha believes that neon-sign advertising brings in the most sales in case of most businesses, be it fashion designing or gambling. Samantha wishes that her favorite gambling website – Safirbet also used more neon for advertising and on their website.

Samantha’s dream is to design, create and operate the greatest theme park ever in the history of the planet earth. Samantha firmly believes that there are planets far more advanced than the planet earth and the creatures on the planet earth including human beings are no match to them.

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