Lead engineer has some interesting ideas about many things including online gambling

Pallavi Sekhon is New Delhi based Indian engineer who has been working as a lead engineer at an global company that supplies telecommunications networking equipment, software and services.

Pallavi is a blogger as well and she is notorious for making controversial posts on her blog. Pallavi claims that Indian version of Big Brother is called Bigg Boss because Indian brothers are extremely strict and conservative towards their sisters but Indian bosses love to watch women wearing skimpy clothes and that’s the reason why Pallavi is always dressed in sexy sklmpy clothes to impress her male bosses.

Pallavi loves the Bollywood movies of the 1970s, 1980s and the 1990s and she feels nostalgic about the era when they used to refer to the villains as ‘Zero’ in India. Yes, most Indians back then used to refer to the lead actor as the ‘Hero’ and the villain as the ‘Zero’.

Pallavi claims that most divorces happen because of lack of sexual gratification in one or both the partners. She gives several examples to prove it, one of the examples include the divorce of the popular musicians of the 1980s – Sandra Ann Lauer and Michael Cretu. Pallavi claims that Sandra has a very high sex drive and Michael doesn’t and with age, Michael’s sex drive kept on declining which made Sandra look for another partner which she successfully achieved. Pallavi claims that Sandra’s husband no. 2 – Olaf Menges had a very high sex drive and he was keeping Sandra very happy until he got addicted to the energy drink Red Bull and the rest is history.

Pallavi loves to bet on online gambling websites like Lunabet no matter what others have to say against the gambling. Pallavi claims that the money that she keeps on winning with online gambling is on par with her monthly salary.

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