Protestant Laywer recommended me the best Bingo site that I ever came across

Ben Conti is a devout Protestant who claims that we are living in the end times. He has his personal views about the story of the Dajjal – the false messiah and the end times. Ben claims that the story told to most of us regarding Dajjal, Jesus and others is a total lie and has nothing to do with the reality. Ben Conti claims that instead of the popular belief that Jesus Christ himself will come down on earth to destroy Dajjal and the evil and unobedient creatures, all the messiahs ever sent down to the planet earth will come down together on the planet earth and they will simultaneously burn the sinners together within a fraction of a second and not a single innocent creature will be harmed in this process. Ben claims that all the messiahs will indeed be 1000 times larger than they were when their birth first took place on the planet earth but they will appear to each and every sinner and non-sinner with their real size in the end times.

Ben is a lawyer by profession and he claims that becoming a lawyer is extremely easy but becoming a lawyer who is successful and respected is not.

Ben claims that the lawyers who talk a lot are considered extremely stupid even by their clients. Ben says that all the top lawyers that he knows only talk useful stuff.

Ben hates the fact that justice is for sale in the third world countries. Ben likes to make sarcastic comment “In the Indian subcontinent or in Africa, you just need to hire the cheapest possible lawyer and with the same money that you saved up with hiring the cheapest lawyer, bribe the judge and watch yourself win the case.”

Ben recently recommended me the best bingo site and I have that open on the other tab of my browser.

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