Struggling Feng Shui Consultant hired a Limo on her Birthday with FUN88 bucks

Melisa Benson hired a limousine for her birthday party for the first time with the money she won with FUN88 Alternatif. Melisa is a struggling Feng Shui Consultant and she cannot afford to hire a regular Mercedes Benz E Class for any occasion let alone a limousine.

Melisa is a blogger as well and she mostly writes about the politics and conspiracies. Melisa claims that the United States of America has nothing to offer than wealth and prosperity and that’s what’s the USA’s greatest fear. Melisa claims that once other countries go on par with the United States of America in terms of wealth and prosperity, the game of the United States of America will be over forever. Melisa says that the USA knows it all and that’s the reason why it is busy creating conspiracies.

Melisa also claims that the upcoming robots will be far better at accounting than the human beings. Melisa believes that not only will the robots steal the jobs of the millions and maybe billions of people but also kill their self-esteem.

One of Melisa’s best friends is a mechanic who likes to give so many analogies about vehicles, he claims that willpower is just like suspension, once broken it doesn’t let you go anywhere in life and once broken you can fix it but it requires a lot of hard work and effort and you need to make sure that you don’t break it enough.

Melisa is an atheist herself but she loves and respects all the religions around the world. She recently enjoyed a Langar at a Sikh Gurudware and loved it.

Melisa is a huge fan of Rick Ross, she likes to call him the definition of swagger.

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