From an internet cafe owner to a computer motherboard manufacturer, this sabung ayam lover is addicted to success

Glady Safere started her business career with having her own internet cafe but today she owns a factory that manufactures computer motherboard. All these years, Glady has put an end to several different hobbies and found some new ones as well like sabung ayam.

Glady is a great admirer of the traditional phrenology but has her own personal and unique ideas as well. Glady says that those who look like dogs have heart of a dog, those that look like bears have heart of a bear and so on.

Glady says that anybody who says that human beings are aliens is an idiot. Glady claims that it is quite evident that human beings evolved from the apes and anybody who denies the same and makes baseless theories like human beings are aliens is either a troll or an idiot.

Glady loves cars and she follows the automobile industry regularly. Glady says that she has many friends in the Republic of China and she has the information that some Chinese automakers have been receiving more positive reviews that they themselves expected and some of the specific car models by reputed automakers like Geely are even more reliable than a Toyota Camry.

Glady believes that Ford is still one of the most reliable auto-maker in the industry and F-150, Crown Victoria are just 2 examples.

Glady has made trips to Turkey thrice in her life only to fell in love with the country more each time. Glady says that her dream is to build a housing societies, shopping malls and plazas all over Mount Ararat in Turkey and she will have the skyscrapers painted as Turkish Lira there.

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