Tracy Buckingham sold out all her jewelry to bet on QQ288 with the same bucks

Tracy Buckingham is a Regional Director Assistant at Amazon United Kingdom.

Tracy understands the passion for designer clothes, especially bridal ones but doesn’t understand or value the passion for designer shoes.

Tracy claims millionaire heiresses are far more intelligent than their self-made counterparts because of the genes that they inherit but they aren’t driven to use their intelligence to make money as much.

Tracy also believes that diamond is the biggest scam on earth after gold. Tracy claims that she never bought any jewelry with her own money and she sold the ones out that her wealthy ex-boyfriend gifted her to bet on qq288 with the same money.

Tracy is not religious at all. She doesn’t believe in Darwin’s theory and many of the things that the scientists have to say and convey to the population of the world. Tracy is ready to believe that the human beings evolved from the apes, she even goes to the extent of claiming that she always knew that the human beings evolved from the apes even before she read the same in the school but Tracy is not willing to believe that the human beings are related to the amoeba or the fishes.

Tracy asks that if the religious people are so much dear to the god than why are they the first ones to die in a calamity and are often found living a miserable life. Tracy says that perhaps the god is Satan indeed and he created the living creatures and this earth in order to make us suffer and live a miserable life and enjoy the sight of it. She also says that perhaps the lord of the planet that we live in is Satan and the rest of the universe is managed by the Yahweh and Satan makes the good people die young in order to send them to Yahweh or to some other planet but Tracy is not willing to believe at all that the lord of the planet earth is a good one.

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