Wealthy Industrialist is a frugal woman who fulfills her small petty expenses with the money she wins with betting

Korel Iskandar is a wealthy industrialist who owns a company that manufactures and exports door closers, floor springs, patch fittings, glass connectors, shower hinges and canopy fittings.

Korel is popular among her friends for being an automobile freak. Korel remembers the time when driver’s armrest was considered a luxury even in the European cars. Korel is never tired of repeating that we have come way too far in the past one decade in terms of the automobile advancement, especially when it comes to the interiors of the automobiles.

One of Korel’s employees is a mechanical engineer who has been working on creating a Lion shaped motorcycle which he claims will be the most beautiful and most stylish motorcycle ever in the history. Korel has been funding him for 50% of the share in his upcoming company. Korel says that she knows him for the past 5 years and she is certain that he is definitely going to achieve what he has been aiming for.

Korel is a huge fan of the Japanese cars and their manufacturers. Korel claims that Nissan GT-R and Acura NSX are overall a better package than any Italian supercar any day. She says that it is ridiculous that people so wealthy can be lured to buy such trashy Italian cars for millions of dollars. Korel says that now she knows for certain that money cannot buy brains.

Korel has always believed that the SUVs are meant to be boxy otherwise they are always in a great danger of flipping over.

Korel says that when it comes to taking bumps on the roads for a luxury car, Lexus and Infiniti handle it the best. Korel recently bought one of the most expensive hand-stitched steering leather cover for her Infiniti QX60 with the money that she won with Judi Online and she loves it.

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