Physicist is intensely busy developing training programs but she still finds enough time to gamble on credit

Pamela Martin is a practicing Physicist who claims that it is a myth that most diseases in the modern day and time are chronic and lifestyle driven. Pamela claims that 99% of the diseases that we are aware of today were always there with the human beings but just remained undiagnosed.

Pamela also believes that there is no such thing as an incurable disease. Pamela says that a disease whose cure scientists and doctors are unable to find are labeled as incurable diseases.

Pamela has been busy launching a training program for the new doctors for the past couple of months but she still manages to get enough time for her daily ritual of gambling using credit (judi pakai pulsa).

Pamela says that there should be as many health related articles by the people that know what they are talking about as there are celebrity news articles and the world can be a better place finally.

Pamela claims that except herself, she hasn’t met a single doctor who has some good advice regarding the nutrition and health in general. Pamela says that most nutritionists are doing great job and they are the people that you ought to go to if you need a nutrition related advice.

One of the reasons why Pamela is so much appreciative of the nutritionists is that she was born to a nutritionist mother who also wanted Pamela to be a nutritionist as well. Pamela’s dad was a dentist who wanted Pamela to become a dentist, Pamela didn’t listen to either and become a General Practitioner instead and loving it.

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