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Tessa Cochran is a talent agency owner who met her model husband at an international airport. The both chatted for hours there and fell in love meanwhile. Tessa’s husband had no idea that his wife is going to be the one who will get him most of the chances for his career.

Anyways, Tessa’s talent agency is popular for the blog on its official website. Tessa claims that age is one of the most important factors for a talent agency. Tessa says that if you are lucky enough to find a talent agency that is reputed enough and has helped in the creation of many ‘stars’, then don’t miss your chance.

Tessa has special acting classes for the non-native English speakers at her school. Tessa says with the number of immigrants increasing each year in the United States, it had become compulsory for her to start such thing.

Tessa says that a great percentage of these immigrants studied at a single gender school, especially the ones from the Indian subcontinent and hence they find it extremely difficult to work with the opposite gender in the modeling or acting field.

Tessa says that photoshoots are one thing and movies are another, one shouldn’t think that he/she can be a great actor if he/she is/was a successful photoshoot model. Tessa claims that the number of such people has been increasing day-by-day, month-by-month, year-after-year and that’s the reason why she had to make a post specifically dedicated to this issue.

When Tessa and her husband are together, they love to bet together on cockfighting websites (sabung ayam).

Tessa has also been helping her husband start his own custom gift store business.It is such a lovely and romantic experience for both of them.

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