Super-wealthy industrialist owns 7 different cars for 7 days of the week, one of which was paid for with gambling money

Cheryl Kim owns a factory that manufactures and exports all kind of wheel nuts, cap nuts, l-key nuts, l-key bolts, hub bolts, adapters and hand tools and she is also the chairperson and CEO of an air courier service.

Cheryl owns one of the oldest South Korean based auto blogs on the internet. The day hasn’t gone by since the day of blog’s inception when Cheryl didn’t write a post on her blog. Cheryl’s blog is popular for controversial posts. For example, Cheryl claims that Audi, Infiniti, Acura and Volvo are poor man’s luxury cars and any of these have nothing to do with luxury.

Cheryl claims that many of the defunct car making companies were operated by some of the most passionate people and that’s the reason why they became defunct in the first place as these extremely passionate car makers weren’t willing to make any sort of compromises on their principals, design and other stuff.

Cheryl believes that Bhutan has a lot of potential for the car industry and is definitely the most overlooked country when it comes to the same. Cheryl claims that she knows about a group of young guys that have been working to create the most revolutionary sort of tyres in Bhutan and Cheryl really believes that they will soon be successful.

Cheryl claims to have the secret information that the largest energy drink maker – Red Bull wants to enter into manufacturing motorbikes and cars. Cheryl really believes that they will be successful enough to survive for the next 100 years. Cheryl claims that they are asking Ford and Honda for the support to start their auto manufacturing company and their success idols are Hyundai and KIA.

Cheryl personally has 7 different cars for 7 days of the week. Cheryl bought one of these with the money she won with betting on 안전놀이터 over a period of 6 months.

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