Home Theater manufacturer has been debunking magic and winning lotteries

Karina Holm owns a company that has been involved in manufacturing audio and video products, especially for the home theater systems for the past 2 years. Their main products include Active Crossovers, Optimized Amplifiers, Protection Circuitry, Room Response Controls and Directivity Control Waveguide. Karina’s company claims to be the one-stop shop for all your audio video solutions.

Karina used to be a chief engineer at Gryphon Audio Designs before finding her own company. Læs mere to know the secret of Karina’s success.

Karina has been debunking the black market of black magic across the world for the past 20 years now. Karina claims that the independent spirits, astral projection, remote viewing are nothing but the play of human subconscious

Karina says that the biggest proof that ghosts, spirits, souls are mere myths is that the ones who claims to have seen, experienced or felt the same only claim to have seen, felt or experienced the human soul, what about the spirits of the animals, birds, reptiles, fishes, worms and insects, she asks.

Karina says that those who claim that they get disturbed by ghosts, spirits, etc when alone or in the night need to understand that one cannot see without eyes, one cannot hear without the ears, one cannot smell without a nose and ghosts lack of all these organs, they are all incorporeal.

Karina claims that she knows a magician personally who claims to perform enchantment which means he claims that he can impose his will on the reality. He makes a couple of thousands of dollars with the same doing it part-time. Karina says that his full-time job is flipping burgers at the Burger King which he hides from all his clients and prospects.

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