She is passionate about the business she inherited but not as much as she is about the online Baccarat

Rose Kaya recently inherited the one and only factory that her father established back in the late 1990s after her father died due to cardiac arrest. The factory manufactures auto wet pipes including car interior wet pipes, car leather seat wet pipes, car dashboard wet pipes, car alloy wheel wet pipes and car windscreen and headlamp wet pipes.

Rose is yet to develop the passion for the factory as strong as her passion for Baccarat (บาคาร่า) but she has already begun making posts on the blog of the company’s official website, most of which have been receiving very controversial response.

Rose says that whoever finds the F1 racing to be fun is either a complete idiot or a child.

Rose claims to have the secret information that the Indian motorcycle and scooter company – TVS is secretly building a 660 cc car which will be the cheapest car of India at the time of its launch. Rose says that the inspiration of the car is Honda N Box and the prototype that she saw even looks like Mini Cooper and Honda N Box. Rose says that the company hasn’t disclosed the information yet because TVS is notorious for its slow speed of manufacturing and mismanagement but their competition on other side are right the opposite and TVS even fears that they are more efficient as well. If TVS discloses the information, their competition will have an edge over them and they will grab the opportunity much before the TVS and TVS is also well aware of the fact that the customer will prefer a car company to manufacture a car for them rather than a local motorcycle company.

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