Coffee company owner loves online gambling as much as he loves UG Krishnamurti and his philosophy

Alex Huh inherited a coffee company from his parents. Alex’s parents used to import coffee from Ethiopia. Alex changed the business model completely that now they will only import coffee from Colombia instead and the model turned up to become extremely successful. Alex’s strategy or model whatever name you would like to give to the same, decreased the price of the coffee and increased the sales and profit margin as well. Alex says that the customers don’t care much about where the coffee is coming from, all that they care about is about the packaging and one of Alex’s good friends is into the packaging business.

Alex is not married and he is not willing to ever get married as he is against the very institution of marriage himself. Alex is an ardent follower of the Indian philosopher UG Krishnamurti who says that marriage is a form of legalized prostitution and Alex couldn’t agree more with it but on the same time, UG Krishnamurti also cannot stop emphasizing enough on how important is reproduction and Alex couldn’t agree more again. Alex says that his plan is to have babies with IVF and he personally believes that single parents are more likely to love and care for the child instead of the other way round. Alex claims that it is a myth created by various stakeholders that single parents cannot be as good as their couple counterparts in order to keep their industries on the roll. Alex claims that he can give several examples where a single father or mother proved to be better than any 2 parents.

Alex loves himself some good λ¨ΉνŠ€ and that’s what he was upto when I last talked to him.

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