Clothing brand owner and conspiracy theorist hates the banking system but loves online gambling

Narong Chokwises owns a clothing brand that only manufactures and sells pastel or neon colored clothes. Narong’s brand has been doing great since the very beginning and most of the sales come from online buyers. Narong is a conspiracy theorist with a large following online and he never forgets to advertise his clothing brand on each of his conspiracy theory post.

Narong once became friends with a Muslim guy but he had no idea that the Muslims don’t eat pork meat. He fed his Muslim friend with bacon only to get beaten by him and his friends later on and since then he hasn’t made friends with a Muslim guy or a girl.

Narong doesn’t make friends with Muslims doesn’t mean that he doesn’t support them on different terms. Niran claims that Jihad is just like patriotism in English. Narong says that just because the Muslims do not let their countries get invaded so easily, the mainstream media and other stakeholders have been misusing the term.

Narong was the first one to write about one Muslim young man 26 years of age who got beaten by a White Supremacist mob just because he was driving a Porsche 911 and the White Supremacist mob wrongly believed that he was doing so in order to tease the Whites and Americans for them not being able to defend themselves during the 9/11 attack.Although Narong condemns the attack as much as he can with all his heart, he still nevertheless claims that the Muslim Porsche 911 owner was an idiot as he had 911 written all over his car including windshields as well. Narong even sometimes doubts that the Porsche 911 owner-driver really had 911 written all over his car in order to tease the Whites and Americans.

Although Narong is against the banking system, he is very much for the online gambling, especially steps 99 (บอลสเต็ป99).

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