SEO expert from Nonthaburi discovered VIP2541 when she was high on whiskey

May Voisard is a SEO expert from the city of Nonthaburi in Thailand who claims to have lost a lot of time and money due to following the advice of self-proclaimed internet guru – Neil Patel.

May has been working on creating the Scandinavian version of Fiverr. May says that the website will be available in Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish and Danish languages.

May claims that the business people and surprisingly enough the SEO people as well underrate the value of the Twitter for business use half of the time if not more which can be fatal for any big or small business nowadays.

May believes that Linkedin is a sinking ship but there’s a lot of potential for an updated version of the same. May thinks that Linkedin should either upgrade itself in the word’s truest sense or sell itself otherwise it is going to be taken over by someone who knows the value of something like Linkedin and is willing to go the extra mile.

May remembers how when once drunk, she read Dr Fuhrman as ‘The Fuhrer’ and immediately reported the website as antisemitic only to feel stupid later. She doesn’t regret that night enough as that was the night when she discovered vip2541.

May claims that Facebook business page likes do not mean or matter as much as they used to once but it has been going the opposite way for Twitter since they updated their spam control.

May says that crushing SEO search results is more difficult nowadays than it ever was before and if you don’t have that celebrity budget then don’t even try ranking for a difficult keyword.

May believes that sometimes good photography and videos dramatically reduce the conversion and sales of your product or services online instead of the other way round and that’s the reason why she doesn’t recommend the same to all of her clients.

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