Passionate motel owner is even more passionate about online gambling

Putrea Khiev is the owner of one of the most professional motels that I have ever been to. The motel has a blog on its official website where Putrea herself writes a post each Saturday. Putrea’s motel doesn’t allow pets and they claim that they will never allow pets at her motel no matter what.

Putrea’s claims that her motel staff always keeps the Television, WiFi and Air Conditioner in perfect condition; Well it was all perfect in the room that I stayed at so I really Putrea when she says that.

Putrea says that one of the most overlooked features in most of the motels is safety and another one is the quality of food. I can attest that both food and safety are top notch at Putrea’s motel.

One thing that I loved about Putrea’s motel is that they always keep the rooms smelling nice and refreshed at her motel and they have an array of different rooms for smokers which they keep refreshed with the cigarette deodorants as well.

Putrea claims that she personally reads each and every review posted on her Motel’s Google Maps page and she doesn’t trust any other source for providing reliable reviews because she believes that it is extremely easy for a competitor to spam those with negative comments with fake accounts against any business.

Putrea is an environment lover as well and she says that with more and more people coming out as the savior of the earth, it is hard to distinguish between a genuine environment lover and fake one. She says that she convinces all her wealthy friends to donate to an environmental NGO as soon as it has been justified personally by her that the NGO really walks the talk.

One thing that is common between Putrea and me is that we are both online gambling (Judi Online) lovers.

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