Real Estate agent from Changwon is extremely outspoken about his obsession with gambling websites

Cable Gwak owns a very popular real estate agency in a plush neighborhood of Changwon city. Cable has a very popular blog on the very popular official website of his very popular real estate agency where he keeps posting interesting stuff all the time.

Cable claims that pastel and neon colors are back in the trend when it comes to furnishings and interiors and they currently account for 65% of the sales in furnishings and interiors at the moment.

Cable claims that Scandinavian minimalism is out of trend now and other long lost trends are gaining the sales and reputation again.

Cable recently sold a house that had all interior made up of leather and Cable cannot emphasize enough on how spectacular it looked to him.

Cable says that some buyers are really incorrigible and it is always the best choice to stay away from those if you are an independent real estate agent.

Cable claims that more and more parents are now putting the comfort and priorities of their kids above their own while buying or renting a home than ever before and lesser people than ever before in the past 4 decades are now interested in buying a house on mortgage.

Cable claims that it has become outdated now to look environment conscious when you are certainly not. Cable says that a very small percentage of the ones that don’t have a million dollar incomes are now able to maintain a huge lawn/garden at their homes. Cable claims that only the real environmentalists nowadays care enough about maintaining a garden/lawn at their homes.

Cable says that only one industry other than real estate industry has ever been able to fascinate him and this industry is gambling industry. Cable is extremely outspoken about his obsession with different gambling websites, one of those is 안전놀이터

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