Sport betting millionaire from Jeju doesn’t hire handymen for nothing

Giselle Sung is the only woman owner of a handyman services company in the entire province of Jeju in South Korea. Giselle is extremely outspoken about her business and the blog on her website is full of unconventional information about the business.

Giselle claims that the bathroom sink installation is the most required service in the residential areas of South Korea although there is no mention of this anywhere on any website of South Korea except Giselle’s website.

Giselle says that hiring both new or experienced handymen has its own advantage. Giselle says that the experienced handymen do their job quickly and well whereas the new handymen are very likely to offer extras and give you special discount in return for the positive feedback on the internet.

Giselle says that furniture assembly services are back in trend again after a long break

Giselle claims that every handyman prefers to provide services to the commercial clients over the residential ones as they are more comprehensive and more used to the handyman services.

Giselle claims that competitive prices are not a thing of this day and age if a handyman service provider wants to survive in the business; She believes that a handyman service provider needs to charge the least possible otherwise the chances for the survival in the business are next to none.

Giselle claims that most of the people don’t hire handymen because they don’t have the required time but because they don’t like doing the kind of stuff required, especially the bathroom/sanitation related. One of Giselle’s good friends win enough money with online sport betting (먹튀검증) to pay for a new house each year and she is the one who told Giselle that she has enough time as she doesn’t work but she keeps on calling handymen from her for all the new stuff that she buys because she doesn’t like to assemble or repair things herself.

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