Month: July 2019

Visa Consultant learnt Hindi while in India but he still bets on Indonesian websites

Jordan Bush is a visa consultant who had the misfortune for living in India for 3 years where he noticed lots of pessimism, laziness, religious and non-religious superstitions and other negative qualities among people, especially the lower-middle income, lower income and middle-income households. Jordan saw a family in India whose members were all 40+ years […]

Dermatologist advises her blog visitors to bet on UFABet regularly in order to have a healthier skin

Kala Spears is a dermatologist who has been practicing independently in the city of Nonthaburi, Thailand for the past 14 years now. Kala believes that the dermatologists haven’t been fulfilling their social responsibility by giving out as much free information to the common people and victims of skin diseases and that’s why she decided to […]

Indonesian gentleman of British origin makes full-time living with writing conspiracy theories and gambling online

Brent Edwards is an British-Indonesian gentleman who has been living in Indonesia for the past 15 years. Brent experimented in East Jakarta with an English language school having the cheapest language classes for kids in the town where TEFL (Teach English as Foreign Language) students were required to teach to the actual pre-teen students as […]