Dermatologist advises her blog visitors to bet on UFABet regularly in order to have a healthier skin

Kala Spears is a dermatologist who has been practicing independently in the city of Nonthaburi, Thailand for the past 14 years now. Kala believes that the dermatologists haven’t been fulfilling their social responsibility by giving out as much free information to the common people and victims of skin diseases and that’s why she decided to start a blog completely dedicated to dermatology about 2 years ago.

Living in Thailand almost all her life, Kala has come to the conclusion that in the third-world countries, they don’t even think of psoriasis as something serious whereas in the first-world countries, they take untreated psoriasis as the end of their world.

Kala advises that a patient should never trust a dermatologist having a bad skin himself/herself. Kala claims that each and every expert dermatologist that she ever met whether be a male or a female, had a skin to die for and if a dermatologist cannot take care of his/her own skin, how can you expect him/her to take care of yours.

Kala also advises to her blog visitors that they should never bother with dermatologists or skin clinics that refer to their patients as customers. Kala believes that customer is an unethical term in the medical world and seeing several dermatologists and dentists using the same put her in a state of depression. What surprises Kala even more is that many of these dentists and dermatologists have more than 10 branches. Kala is surprised that nobody tells these dentists and dermatologists about how unethical they sound when they refer to the patient as a customer.

Kala says that it is good in a way that nobody tells them that they are using an unethical term as the prudent and shrewd patient will know just by a glimpse of their website that he/she is visiting a specialist who sees his/her patient as nothing but a ‘money bringing customer’.

Kala claims that having adrenaline rush in a healthy way improves the texture and complexion of the skin and sometimes can even alleviate some skin health problems. Kala advises all her visitors to bet on UFAbet regularly to have an adrenaline rush in a healthy way as the chances of winning on UFAbet are very high and it is extreme fun too.

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