Indonesian gentleman of British origin makes full-time living with writing conspiracy theories and gambling online

Brent Edwards is an British-Indonesian gentleman who has been living in Indonesia for the past 15 years. Brent experimented in East Jakarta with an English language school having the cheapest language classes for kids in the town where TEFL (Teach English as Foreign Language) students were required to teach to the actual pre-teen students as a form of practice. After some months, Brent came to the conclusion that his idea was definitely cost efficient but not as polished or effective and he finally decided to shut it down.

Brent has been making a living as a conspiracy theorist blogger and full time gambler with a thing for Football Gambling (Judi Bola) ever since.

Brent claims that the so-called Islamic Preacher – Zakir Naik is a Hindu Brahmin agent in disguise and the Indian government seizing and confiscating all his real estate was a move to save him from the right-wing Hindu organizations. Brent claims that Zakir Naik has been paid twice as much the amount of money in his Swiss Bank account and he is living lavishly in Malaysia as well where he hires Punjabi-Indian and Russian escorts regularly – at least twice a week.

Brent says that instead of calling USSR or Russia – The White Bear, we should call it a huge crocodile. Brent says that it would be better if Russia changes its national animal to the crocodile as well.

Brent is not a practicing Catholic but he is a great fan of the Catholic teachings on purity and chastity. Brent believes that chastity/celibacy/purity keeps a man feel and look young. Brent also claims that the reason why men die earlier than their female counterparts is that they lose a lot of their essence during sex and that’s what causes so many diseases to them and makes them die sooner than their female counterparts on an average.

Brent says that the reason why some men look their best in their late 50s and early 60s is that they lose all interest in the sexual activity by that age.

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