IBCBet freaks are usually unafraid of the society just like Akbar Honoris

Akbar Honoris is an Indonesian author and blogger from the city of Makassar.

Akbar recently made a trip to India where he noticed that in India, the name Sulekha is extremely popular and one of the most popular and oldest websites in India is also named Sulekha and it is named after the daughter of the founder’s. Akbar personally believes that this owner and founder of the Sulekha website knows the origin of the name Sulekha. The name Sulekha is a distorted version of the Persian name ‘Zulaikha’. The name Zulaikha is first used in the Persian language to refer to the wife of the Egyptian Palace Guard – Potiphar.

Akbar further says that the Indians don’t like to read and write much, if they did, they will never keep that name as they are extremely conservative about their daughters and highly superstitious as well.

In one of his blog posts, Akbar has mentioned that Potiphor’s wife’s lust had more to do with Potiphor’s impotence than with Joseph’s charm, good looks and magnificence. Akbar claims that Potiphor tried every aphrodisiac available at that time in the Egypt and surrounding areas but nothing worked. Akbar even claims that someone told Potiphor that they manufacture a medicine that really works in the Indian subcontinent and that has cured some of the men in their 70s of their impotence; Potiphor was extremely desperate to buy that medicine but he couldn’t because the Pharaoh wouldn’t let him go to India and Potiphor was extremely hesitant to tell him and no trader either came to Egypt from India who would sell those ayurvedic medicines.

Akbar recently published a list of trusted IBCBET websites on his blog (Daftar Ibcbet) and he is never afraid of what the society thinks about him.

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