Online gambling industry is really growing up at a supersonic speed

Lesley Ilves owns a very popular SEO agency in the heart of Surabaya city in Indonesia. Lesley has a blog completely dedicated to the SEO, its future and everything related to it which is even more popular than Lesley’s SEO company itself.

On his blog, Lesley says that Google should learn a thing or a two from Bing’s image search. Lesley says that Bing’s image search never shows explicit and violent images until and unless you ask for the same, but unfortunately, with Google you can never be sure of the same no matter how many filters you use.

Lesley says that he is more than glad that almost each search engine except a few now understands the searcher better now than ever before which used not be the case when even brands like Ask used to be considered one of the topmost search brands and Metacafe was on par with the Youtube.

Lesley has always been extremely critical of the Youtubers and claims that the most famous of the advisers on almost each topic on the Youtube are charlatans that only know how to get on the top of the Youtube manipulating it with fake views, likes, subscribers and comments. Lesley adds that if you follow these guys, then good luck to you.

Lesley believes that many people are taking Google and other search engine’s futuristic view of personalization way too far and although Google is going to improve over time, it is not going to happen with a supersonic speed.

The only thing that Lesley believes happened with a supersonic speed is the progress of the online gambling industry and AgenQQ.

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