Bogor’s SEO expert relies completely on Bandar Sakong for part-time income

Zach Grenier is a SEO expert from the city of Bogor in Indonesia whose blog is extremely popular in Indonesia for extraordinarily outspoken, knowledgeable and interesting posts.

On his blog, Zach says that although the population of India is almost as 7 times as that of the Pakistan, the number of SEO experts in both the countries is almost the same which is funny because both the countries got independence on almost the same day, month and the year and both have almost the same culture as well.

Zach recently met this so-called SEO expert who claimed that he has ranked over 1000 websites on the MSN search engine but none on the Google. Zach was surprised to see that people are still interested in getting their websites ranked on MSN but then he told Zach that all of those websites were his own.

On his blog, Zach advises that if some SEO agency or individual expert tells you that they don’t believe in competing with others then don’t go for them as they don’t know what they are talking about. Zach says that a SEO agency is not a complete SEO agency if it doesn’t believe in competing with others, he further says that competition is the integral part of a SEO agency.

Zach says that more clients now prefer to create their websites all by themselves through WordPress and other such platforms than ever before because of the website creation fraud and other related stuff that has happened in the recent past.

Zach has been relying completely on Bandar sakong for the part time income for a while and he claims to have won tens of thousands of dollars within a very short span of time with the same.

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