Visa Consultant learnt Hindi while in India but he still bets on Indonesian websites

Jordan Bush is a visa consultant who had the misfortune for living in India for 3 years where he noticed lots of pessimism, laziness, religious and non-religious superstitions and other negative qualities among people, especially the lower-middle income, lower income and middle-income households.

Jordan saw a family in India whose members were all 40+ years of age and they blamed a stepbrother for all their problems although he had nothing to do with it. They claimed that he and his wife do black magic on them to keep them backwards. Jordan claims that this very family used to take Namkeen as their supper which is one of the unhealthiest things that you can eat.

Jordan says that on one hand India talks about being the most secular nation on the face of earth and on the other hand it promotes the kings who that fought and killed hundreds of Indian Hindus just because they were in the army of a Muslim king. Jordan says that India’s hypocrisy about being secular is greater than that of the US about being peaceful.

Jordan believes that there is no judgement day, only the last day and you must live everyday thinking like it is your last.

While in India, Jordan learnt the Hindi language influenced by the Hindi songs by the late singers Mohammad Rafi, Mukesh, Kishore Kumar, Saigal and others. As soon as he became fluent in the Hindi language, he created a documentary on perhaps the most popular Hindi singer of all time – Lata Mangeshkar aka ‘The Nightingale of India’. One of the things that Jordan has mentioned about Lata Mangeshkar in his documentary which no Indian ever dared say is that Lata Mangeshkar would have been another singer if she didn’t achieve fluency in so many languages from the Indian subcontinent and sung in those languages as well. She has sung over 300 songs in some of the regional languages, which is incredible.

Jordan’s favorite pastime while he was in India and even today is betting. He has a huge list of trusted Indonesian gambling agents (Agen Bola Terpercaya) saved at different places which is really worth seeing.

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