This Poet loves Tao Yuanming as much as he does online card gambling

Santi Carzola is a great fan of poetry and he recently created a free eBook on the life and death of one of his ancient Chinese poetic heroes – Tao Yuanming aka Tao Qian.

In his book, Santi mentions that there were times when Tao Qian wouldn’t take a bath for months as he felt nauseated and feared ghosts in the bathroom. Santi claims that the fear of ghosts would sometimes be enough for Tao Yuanming to leave his love for the solitude and poetry and go back to his old military job but then out of the fear of what others would say and think about him, he would not have the courage to go back to his old ways.

Santi claims that Tao Yuanming had Idiopathic Scoliosis from a very young age, perhaps since the time he reached puberty but it wasn’t recognized as a disease, illness or disorder back in his day and this caused him a lot of problem and suffering during his military service and each of his 5 sons inherited the same from him but to a lesser degree. Santi claims that the asymmetry in Tao’s body can be seen in any of his statues.

Santi claims that Tao Qian secretly believed in the evolution and in order to not look weird or stupid, he never told the same to anybody. The only thing that you can check to believe that he really believed in evolution is to read his poems and the reality will be in front of you.

Santi got an idea to write this book on the life of Tao Qian aka Tao Yuanming after someone on a gambling discord mentioned to him that he should after learning his love for Tao Yuanming. SantI loves online card gambling (judi kartu online) as much as he does Tao Yuanming and he has also mentioned this in his free eBook.

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