Those who can speak, read and write Indonesian, only trust Indonesian gambling websites

Alper Khashoggi is an Indonesian blogger from the city of West Jakarta in Indonesia who recently wrote a very lengthy post on the hackers and the future of hacking recently. In his blog post, Alper wrote that although the hackers have gone extremely smart in the recent times and they can now break in the websites that they earlier couldn’t, there is still no denying that the security plugins, security system and other similar features are even smarter now and with all the recent developments in the online security arena now, the hacking industry and even the top hackers are uncertain about what their future is going to be like.

Alper is not a Christian but he has always been obsessed with Jesus of Nazareth aka Jesus Christ aka Jesus the Messiah aka Jesus the son of God. In one of her blog posts, Alper wrote that if you believe that Jesus didn’t exist historically, then you may also believe that Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the first Pope ever and you may also be a ‘flat earther’ which is not the case with the people that deny the existence of Jesus of Nazareth, usually.

Alper says that they should have chosen another name for the day of Jesus’ crucifixion. ‘Good Friday’ sounds completely awkward to her and she cannot understand how can the people that have faith in Jesus Christ stand this name. But she says that if the believers of Jesus can irrationally believe that Jesus was the son of god even after they succeeded in crucifying him although he kept on asking for the help, they can believe anything, she adds.

Alper is an avid fan of betting online and she knows the name of almost all the trusted betting pokerqq websites that are out there in the Indonesian language.

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