One of the oldest online dispute resolution company owner herself seeks a safe playground when it comes to betting

Jules Gyoh owns one of the oldest online dispute resolution company in South Korea. Jules is a blogger as well and she is an ardent lover of philosophy too. Jules has read every material about Rene Descartes that she could find and I am presenting in this post some of what she wrote.

Jules writes that anybody who has read Rene Descartes thoroughly will tell you that he was his own person and not a follower. She writes that although he believed in stoicism, he loved freedom as well and this should be evident from many of his actions and decisions.

Jules claims that many philosophers including UG Krishnamurti, OSHO and others derived their idea of ‘No final ends’ that goes completely against the Teleology from Descartes but they won’t tell it because they are too arrogant to admit that what they claim to have personally observed first came from a French philosopher that was Pro-Colonialism.

Jules claims that Descartes joined the army because he wanted to die and he wanted to kill before he dies and he didn’t want to commit direct suicide either.

Jules writes that it is really sad how the western philosophy has been losing its significance continuously for the past 100 years. She claims that the things got worse after the Indian gurus came into the picture during the 1960s. Jules writes that most of these gurus have proven to be frauds including the ones from the Hare Krishna Movement but the innocent White people couldn’t care less and still fall for them.

More than philosophy, Jules loves Safe Playground (안전놀이터) and that’s where she must be logged in at right now.

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