Real Estate Developer from New Zealand wants to have the name of online casinos written everywhere in his new creation

David Mason is a New Zealand based Real Estate developer who is also a great fan of the video game Grand Theft Auto Vice City and its protagonist – Tommy Vercetti. He is creating a township and naming it Vice City, the most stunning thing about this township is that it has neon everywhere. David is also a lover of nzd online casinos and he claims that each and every wall of his township will have the name of a reliable online casino written on it.

David recently made a trip to India where he noticed that nobody has a toothbrush mustache in India anymore because they consider the same to be a symbol of British slavery as most British officials in India back then used to have toothbrush mustache.

David claims to have met a Muslim who told him that Rabbi Meir Kehane was the real Dajjal and now nobody needs to fear the end times as the Dajjal has already been killed. David personally doesn’t believe that we are living in the end times or there is such a thing as ‘the end times’ or ‘Antichrist’ or ‘Dajjal’, but he was really astonished at that person’s confidence.

David believes that the media and the government in a collaboration wants to turn the youth of the world into a loser and that’s what they have been doing for decades and decades, he claims. David claims that the media and government in a collaboration, only promote dancers like Vaslav Nijinsky, that are sexual perverts and pro-masturbation.

David claims that the name Red Sea has its origin in the blood and most of the bloodshed in the history surrounding the place happened around the Red Sea only.

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