Technopreneur has her most favorite casino website’s name tatted on her arm

Valentina Shol is an entrepreneur who has been running a company that provides automation solutions, products and apps to businesses and residences that saves their time, makes them feel more secure and at ease, for the past 7 years now.

Valentina rather likes to call herself a technopreneur and although her business has been doing great since the time of its inception, she still believes that the industry is very much underrated in Russia.

Valentina is also a blogger as well. She has been studying the religion called Hinduism for quite some time now and she recently wrote a long article stating how mythical the religion called Hinduism is.

Valentina believes that Hinduism is the distorted and exaggerated version of the Judaism and the writer of the epic Mahabharata – Vyasa was a Jew as well. Valentina believes that the Kashmiri Pandits of India are Jews.

Valentina wrote that Vyasa was a unique Jew in a way that he believed in the reincarnation and maybe, he used it as a metaphor just like he did by telling the Hindus that the Universe is a cyclic phenomenon.

Valentina writes that the funniest myth that she finds about the Hinduism is the myth that they created stating that the Hindu God – Ganesha wrote the epic called Mahabharata while Vyasa narrated it.

Valentina loves betting and she is extremely open about it. She even has the name of her favorite website – , tatted on her arm and she says that there is no way that she is ever going to remove it.

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