East Jakarta’s Language School Owner believes that the Messiahs were all for Gambling and Betting

David Malik owns an Indonesian language school in East Jakarta which is unique in a way that it is perhaps the only Indonesian language school in the city of East Jakarta where 100% of the students are immigrants.

David also has a great command in the English language and being a blogger, he runs many blogs that are completely written in English language.

David is also writing a book about the life of Saint Augustine of Hippo which will be available in both Indonesian and English.

David has already released several excerpts from his book on his blog. David writes that the rejection of Saint Augustine by John Romanides and George Papademetriou is completely stupid and baseless. He writes that it looks like these two fellows had the hobby of criticizing everything they came in contact with. David writes that in no way is the St Augustine’s metaphysics related to Pagan mysticism.

David doesn’t quite agree with St Augustine’s belief that enslavement is the punishment of sin. David writes that going by that logic, Visigoths should have been slaves throughout as they were some of the greatest sinners on the planet earth and the sins that they committed included some of the things that the worst of the Romans couldn’t even imagine doing.

David writes that St Augustine always believed that Jesus Christ didn’t come to the earth any sooner because the mankind wasn’t wise and intelligent enough before to understand his message.

David believes that gambling wasn’t made by any Saint, Prophet or Messiah as prohibited but it is the very normal people that decided to do it and that’s the reason why David doesn’t leave a chance of enjoying JasaBola ever because he doesn’t abide by the rules laid down by the common people.

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