Italian Saint Thomas Aquinas lover from Bangkok city believes that Saint Thomas Aquinas never refrained his followers from gambling

Michael Leone is a Thai citizen who owns and operates a multicuisine restaurant in one of the plushest neighborhoods of the Bangkok city that offers nothing but unique dishes that are not found in any other restaurant in the world. Michael is very proud of this fact and so is his family. Michael’s wife is a chef and she is the one who gave this idea to Michael.

Michael is a blogger as well and his blog is not limited to the dishes, restaurants or foods. Being an Italian, Michael has a huge respect for the Italian priests like Saint Thomas Aquinas and his most recent post was wholly dedicated to Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Michael wrote that looking at the portfolio of Saint Thomas Aquinas and what he did in his short 49 years of life, it is quite obvious that they should make a separate category by the name ‘Catholic Polymaths’ which will feature Catholic super-priests like Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Michael considers Saint Thomas Aquinas to be the most important Doctor of the Church and wonders what could he have done if his life were longer than 49 years.

Michael writes that when Saint Thomas Aquinas mentioned so many times about the religion of Islam in his book – Summa contra Gentiles, that’s the time when most of his followers discovered that he even takes Islam as something serious, otherwise they all believed that the only religion that he took serious other than Christianity was Judaism. But again, Saint Thomas Aquinas’ taking Islam as something serious besides Judaism is kind of obvious as Islam is also a sort of continuity of Judaism.

Michael believes that gambling is not prohibited in any religion except a few pagan ones and that’s the reason why he always looks for a safe playground (안전놀이터) to gamble at.

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