Snack Bar owner from Seoul understood the true importance of accepting cards through online betting

Greg Hill has been owning and managing a snack bar in the Gangseo-gu neighborhood of the Seoul city in South Korea for the past 11 years now.

Greg Hill writes on the official blog of his snack bar that they make the best homemade jam that you have never had and their homemade jam is responsible for earning them more referrals than anything else, including the newspaper ads and the magazine ads that they regularly publish.

Greg writes that the tea is gaining more popularity for a long time now and that’s the reason why Greg’s snack bar has recently started serving imported Chinese green tea as well.

Greg’s snack bar used to be cash-only until about 2 years ago. It is when Greg started betting online on 먹튀, that he understood the true power, value and importance of accepting cards at his restaurant.

They don’t serve fish in the breakfast as Greg personally believes that eating fish as the first thing in the morning is unhealthy, his younger brother who is a co-owner, feels the opposite though, but Greg has been taking advantage of being an elder here.

Greg claims to have the cleanest bathroom compared to any snack bar in the entire Seoul city and he also claims to have visited each and every snack bar that is in the Seoul city.

Greg claims that they have a great retention rate for the lemonades and mocktails that they serve at his snack bar.

They also serve some trademarked hamburgers and hot dogs at Greg’s snack bar.

Greg’s snack bar has both indoor and outdoor seating facility available

Greg’s wife has several times done homemade toast and strawberry jam as the first thing for Greg’s snack bar.

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