Family Hospital owner from Little India, Singapore warns his patients against the TCM and Ayurveda as much as he advises them to use Data SGP

Dr Isaac Relyea is not an Indian but he owns and operates a family hospital in the Little India neighborhood of Singapore. Dr Isaac is very outspoken and passionate about his profession and this should be evident from his family hospital’s blog where he writes all the posts by himself.

Dr Isaac claims that Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is thought of as a symptom in some progressive countries by the common people. Dr Isaac writes that the doctors who tell the patients that it is a progressive and dangerous disease, are looked down upon as frauds and if the condition gets worse, they visit a homeopathic doctor who unable to treat or cure it, makes things even worse.

Dr Isaac recently made a post on his blog mentioning how he has been working very hard to find a cure for the acute bronchitis. He mentioned all the steps that he has taken by now for the same.

Dr Isaac also recently made a post telling how at his hospital, respiratory diseases have killed more people than the heart diseases. He gave an analogy that it is just like how more millionaires have been made with Data SGP than anything else in the recent times.

Dr Isaac writes that there is no denying that arthoscopy is a low risk procedure but he believes that a human’s being’s joints deserve much better than something like arthoscopy and he really hopes that a panel of topmost doctors somewhere in the world will come up with something more revolutionary, effective and fast.

Dr Isaac never gets tired of thanking the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda enough for increasing the number of patients of family hospitals and independent practitioners. Dr Isaac warns the visitors on his blog to stay away from the TCM and Ayurveda.

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