Cuban restaurant owner from Hat Yai has been learning Hebrew but he still reads Thai gambling blogs only

Kenjiehiro Nakamura owns a successful Cuban restaurant in the city of Hat Yai in Thailand. Kenjiehiro is also a blogger and he writes about almost everything on his popular blog.

Kenjiehiro recently wrote that the waiters at his Cuban restaurant receive great tips for a restaurant in Hat Yai, Thailand. Kenjiehiro brags on his blog that he has never been to Cuba but he runs one of the most successful Cuban restaurants in Thailand, which really speaks something about himself.

Kenjiehiro recently made a post on his blog mentioning that he along with his chefs, has been working on inventing coquettas and desserts that nobody ever heard about or seen before.

Kenjiehiro writes that when he reads the reviews for different restaurants on the internet serving different cuisines, he gets tired of reading the same old statements that read like “Expensive for the Indian food”, “Expensive for the Chinese food”, “Expensive for Thai food”, etc. Kenjiehiro claims on his blog that most of the people that make such statements do not even know about the ingredients that it takes to create the dishes.

Kenjiehiro claims to have studied the Saint James the Great – one of the twelve apostles of the Jesus Christ, more than anyone else that he knows. Kenjiehiro writes on his blog that Saint James wanted to convert the Arabs after he would have converted all of the Spain to Christianity and he claims to have proofs regarding this.

Kenjiehiro recently made a post mentioning that he has started learning the Hebrew in order to understand the Jewish and Christian scriptures better but he will still be betting on Thai websites only. Kenjiehiro’s most favorite online gambling blog is and he claims that he doesn’t read any other Thai gambling or casino blog anymore.

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