Passionate neurologist is as passionate about exploring the brain as he is about exploring the world and different gambling styles

Dr Steve Johnson is a neurologist from South Jakarta, Indonesia who recently posted on his official neurology blog that depression has become more dangerous than the cancer lately.

I don’t know whether Dr Steve Johnson made that statement due to emotions or what, there is no denying that chronic depression has been eating up lives lately.

Dr Steve Johnson’s official and non-official blogs are both very interesting. On the official blog he posts interesting stuff related to the medical field, especially neurology and on the non-official one, he posts stuff like how much money he made last night with his most favorite situs judi.

Dr Steve claims that sooner or later, they will find out that excessive exercise is one of the greatest causes of glioblastoma.

Dr Steve claims that analytical thinking for hours a day is as bad as taking drugs. Dr Steve claims to have traveled many parts of the world and while he was in South India, he met several rishis and sages that did nothing all day but meditated and thought analytically and their condition was very similar to those of the Punjab’s drug addicts. Dr Steve says that he recently heard that Iran’s sufi saints also meditate, whirl or think analytically the whole day and to verify whether their condition is similar to South India’s sages and rishis, he is heading to Iran soon enough. Dr Steve says that there are 1% chances that the condition of South Indian saints was so bad due to their diet.

Dr Steve writes on his blog that he doesn’t agree that diet plays the greatest role when it comes to the risk of getting a stroke, he says that there are many different factors that play role in getting a stroke and diet is just a minor one.

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