Indonesian female conspiracy theorist claim that betting is against Satan and in the favor of the Holy Spirit

Gloria Esparragoza is one of the very few Indonesian female conspiracy theorists whose main subject of interest is the politics of the Indian subcontinent.

Gloria claims to have studied the religion of Hinduism totally and she says that she feels embarrassed that the people of Indonesia once used to belong to this devilish religion.Gloria claims that the religion that goes by the name Hinduism is full of confusions and wars. Gloria claims that the Hindu god Rama was born a fisherman rather than a king and the Hindu god Krishna was born a cobbler.

Gloria claims that the God Hanuman of Hinduism is the real Satan. Gloria claims that Hanuman stayed a celibate to persuade the human beings on earth to believe in antinatalism and ultimately disappear from the face of the earth. Gloria claims that the Sri Lankans and the Indonesians know about this tactic of the Satan incarnated in half-ape and half-human form Hanuman and that’s the reason why they both love to bet with bola online to let the Satan incarnated know that we are not going anywhere and we are always going to delight with money and happiness.

Gloria claims that first Indian Home Minister (equivalent of Interior Minister in Pakistan) – Sardar Patel’s 182 m tall statue has been built as a part of a huge scandal. Gloria claims that the company that built the statue – L & T paid the current Indian Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of Gujarat – millions of Australian dollars and also an Australian bank account for the job.

Gloria also claims that it is a myth that Mukesh Ambani owns and runs the Indian media. Gloria writes that yes it is a fact that Mukesh Ambani owns a share in almost every major Indian News channel but he doesn’t have much of a power on the Indian News Channels. Gloria claims that it is the likes of AT&T, Walt Disney, Comcast, Charter Communications, and Twenty-First Century Fox that have the power over all the national TV channels of India and now also on the popular Youtube channels to a great extent.

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