BTC Casino freak author from Malta claims that her books are the most precise and accurate about Nicholas II of Russia

Mary Barboza is a Maltese author who is obsessed with Nicholas II of Russia and bitcoin gambling sites.Last week, Mary got done with writing her second book on the life and death of Nicholas II of Russia. Right after Mary was done writing the book, the first thing that she did was to spend hours on btc casino.

In her book, Mary claims that the foremost reason for Nicholas II of Russia’s incompetence was his addiction to Marijuana

In her book, Mary claims that Nicholas II was going impotent due to his excessive marijuana use and that was another cause for him to stay worried all the time. Mary writes that Nicholas II would use different medications and related stuff to get rid of his impotence.

Mary claims that Nicholas II’s greatest blunder was closing the tie with France. Mary adds the question “What else can you expect from a marijuana addict?”

Mary writes that the only reason why the Japanese initiated the war with the Russians was that they were well-aware of who the ruler of the nation of Russia was back then.

Mary writes that the only thing that was good about Nicholas II was that he was a scrooge when it came to monetary issues; He preferred to save money as long as he could.

Mary claims in her book that Grigori Rasputin was a spy for the foreign enemy powers of Russia and Nicholas II was too stupid to not know it.

Mary writes that recognizing Nicholas II’s wife and her children with Nicholas II as martyrs by the Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia is acceptable but Nicholas II cannot be recognized as a martyr by someone who knows him very well. Mary adds that it proves one and one thing only that the Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia is very ignorant.

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