South Korean author claims that St Thomas the Apostle was as generous as the modern Toto websites

Elmore Beck is a South Korean author from the city of Changwon who recently completed writing a book on the life and death of St Thomas the Apostle.

Elmore claims in his book that St Thomas wasn’t killed by the Hindu priests in Ramapuram, Tamil Nadu, India but rather tribal Hindus that had some of their family members converted to Christianity by Saint Thomas the Apostle killed him. Elmore adds that these Hindus that killed Saint Thomas the Apostle had a crazy idea that if they kill Saint Thomas, they will be able to impress the Hindu trinity god by this act of theirs. Elmore claims that the history has been changed due to political reasons.

Elmore believes that Saint Thomas the Apostle was the most masculine feminist ever just like a 토토사이트 is the most generous place on the entire internet.

Elmore writes that the most infamous emperor of Mysore, India – Tipu Sultan, secretly regarded Saint Thomas as his greatest hero but he never mentioned it publicly due to political reasons.

Elmore claims that Saint Thomas didn’t heal the son of the Indian King that ruled the present day Pakistan and India only by touching him, it is clearly an exaggerated version. Elmore claims in his book that Saint Thomas rather healed him with the Roman medicine that he practiced for years while he lived in Galilee, Israel, but the fact that he was an expert at the Roman medicine has been hidden by everyone on purpose to exaggerate the healing powers of Saint Thomas the Apostle.

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