Bangkok’s Dance Instructor claims to have sharpened his intuitive skills with football betting

Jeffrey Williams owns a very popular dance school in Bangkok, Thailand.

Jeffrey believes that soon enough, there will be an oversight body for the competitive dance industry in each of the major country, which once happened before in some of the first world countries but turned out to be a completely failed attempt. Jeffrey writes that he is certain that this time it is going to be a successful one. Jeffrey claims to have sharpened his intuitive skills with online football betting (แทงบอลออนไลน์) all the time.

Jeffrey brags that he doesn’t care about the political correctness at all and one example that he gave of the same was when he wrote on his blog that some people aren’t just made for the dance, and no matter how hard they try, they cannot afford to become great dancers.

Jeffrey once wrote that one of the foremost factors that a dance instructor/school has to be very particular about is making sure that their dance techniques are extreme fun.

Jeffrey claims on his blog that most expensive dance schools are worth the price but some are worse than the non-expensive ones.

Jeffrey writes on his blog that seeing each generation of kids that come to learn dance at his school getting smarter made him lose his religion and believe in evolution and atheism.

Jeffrey writes that the number of couples that learn dance specifically for their wedding day has been continuously on a rise although there are so many tutorial videos already on the Youtube on the same topic.

Jeffrey writes that more instructors get rich off teaching basic dance perfectly than they do with teaching the expert level. Jeffrey adds that he considers it a sad fact and so do many other dance instructors across the globe.

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