Chane never wears the same dress again, thanks to the Safety Park

Chane Chorley never wears a dress the second time. Chane is way too thin and she loves it. Chane takes advantage of her petite size and wears nothing but a new and different dress by a Chinese seller on eBay everyday.

Chane is married to a sex-crazy man who is Half-African and Half-Irish and his name is not Barack Obama. Anyways, this sex-crazy husband of Chane doesn’t hesitate to tell Chane that he had naughty thoughts all the time about his elder busty cousin when he was only 6. His favorite pornstar is Emma Starr and he always asks his wife Chane to act and look like Emma Starr which she tries her best to do.

Chane and her husband lived in Dominica for quite a while and they both were practicing frutarianism back then. After living there for 5 months, they both came to the conclusion that the bananas and citrus fruits of Dominica are at least twice as nutritious as the bananas and citrus fruits of any other country on the face of the earth.

Chane once went to Djibouti, African Continent with her husband to explore the African culture more and they both were astonished to see the number of the devil-worshiping cults in such a small nation.

Chane wants to visit Jamaica next and she has already been doing research on the country called Jamaica for quite a while and what she has concluded about this nation is not a good news. Chane says that the Jamaicans are poor business and political strategists.

Chane’s mother used to sell handmade cookies when she was little and Chane loved those. Chane’s mother is not alive anymore but Chane wants to continue the tradition with selling handmade cookies around the world and she believes that betting on 안전공원 will help her achieve her goal as she has already won a couple of thousands with the same.

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